Upcoming Game of thrones seems good for Arya Stark

Arya Stark and Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran in game of thrones and Arya Stark

(Spoiler warning!)
No one could have missed that HBO’s pride Game of thrones is back with its seventh season. The first episode was just amazing and opened so many new doors for new story. The winter has finally come! All main characters storys progressed and things are finally happening. This weeks episode was great! Ed Sheeran was even a part of a crew that Arya meets at a campfire in the forest. Speaking about Arya, her story was definitely the most interesting one in this episode. !!!Extreme spoiler if you haven’t seen the episode stop here!!! Everyone watching the show most have been weirded out about Walder Frey’s appearance in this episode. Judging by the fact that Arya cut his throat up in the end of season 6. But when she did a reversed “Red wedding” everything became clear.

HBO released a new teaser trailer for next weeks Game of thrones.

So if you watched the preview for next weeks episode did you notice what we noticed?
13 seconds in to the trailer we see a split secund of Arya Stark. But that’s the only thing we see in the preview. So what about it? Well first of let’s just slow it down a bit.

What do we see here? In this we see Arya getting attacked by a wolf. Or does she? You see this may be her wolf Nymeria. In the first season Nymeria bit Jofrey and were probably going to be killed. So, Arya chased away her wolf so that wouldn’t happen.
Nymeria looks scary in the preview, but what if the only thing needed is a hug? The book readers already knows that Nymeria has a following of other hungry wolfs. What will Nymeria bring to the show? Will Arya go to the north to her siblings?
We hope episode 2 will hold the answers

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