The walking dead season 8 comic-con trailer scares the fans!

There exists different kinds of trailers. But the walking dead trailer shown at comic-con has a shocking twist.

October 22th marks the return of The walking dead. At the moment AMC is showing of there flagship at comic-con San Diego. In their panel there are mixed feelings. And that is understandable regarding what happened on  the set.

The set were temporarily shut down due to an accident on the set. The stunt-man John Bernecker died when he fell of a balcony. The panel at comic-con honored John by hosting a quiet minute in the memories of John.

The walking dead has finally hit over 100 episodes with its eighth season. This is getting celebrated by showing of the longest trailer at comic-con. It has about 5 minutes of material from the upcoming season of the walking dead. Don’t miss the last 30 seconds of the trailer! They are important!

The last 30 seconds are showing Rick waking up. This are making the fans scared that the ending to the story will be a “oh, and there Rick wakes up from his coma and this whole zombie thing never happened”.  But that theory don’t hold up in my opinion. You see there is also “Fear the walking dead” and that destroys this theory. So what can it be? Are Rick dead and waking up in heaven? Is this a view taking place after the end of the show?  We need answers AMC!

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