Harry Potter star saves life like a real Gryffindor

harry potter star daniel radcliffe
Daniel radcliffe saves a man

Daniel Radcliffe found a robbed and stabbed man on one of Londons streets. Like Harry Potter he put everything else he had going on to the side in order to save this mans life.

Last Friday (14th of July) a man in his early 50s was attacked by 2 people on a moped. They stabbed him in the face with a knife and stole his Louis Vitton-bag. The man was left shocked on the street according to Associated Press. The harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe was roaming the streets of King’s Road when he found the hurt man. Like his character in Harry Potter he stopped in order to help the man. Many would not have stopped in order to help, instead they would have kept walking and let someone else help this hurt man. But not Radcliffe, he did what everyone are supposed to do but normally don’t do. He helped the man. A REAL HERO! in our eyes.

Maybe Radcliffe has learned something through out his years in Gryffindor. ¬†Or maybe he’s just as much of a hero as his character.

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