Game of thrones “The Queen’s Justice” trailer and the wall won’t fall theory

The wall won’t fall is a new theory going around the internet! Also the trailer/preview for game of thrones season 7 episode 3 “The Queen’s Justice” has been released.



The wall won’t fall theory

So, Game of thrones is coming to an end. Everyone are starting wars with each other in order to concur the north. Is it the right focus at this point in time? No! The white walkers are approaching, the winter has come. The focus should be on not letting the white walkers passs the wall. We know that due to magic the white walkers can’t go through the wall. They can’t climb over the wall either. So what other paths are there? The first one is digging under the wall. This would be easily seen and stopped by The night’s watch. So, around the wall? On one side of the wall there is a steep ledge and on the other side there is a lake. The lake could be the white walkers path past the wall. You see, the winter has come. And what does happen with water when it gets cold? It freezes. So with other words, the wall has been beaten. The white walkers can just go around the wall. This theory is even supported by the new intro for this season.

See the image

As you can see in the new intro the lake has turned in to ice. Why would they make the new intro with a frozen lake if it dosen’t have any impact on the story?

It could also be clouds and fog. The ice is just a theory making it possible for the white walkers tro get past the wall.

What do you think?

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