Game of thrones season 7 tonight!

Game of thrones season 7 premier
Game of thrones season 7 Premier tonight 7.16 at 9pm

Tonight at 9pm are George R.R Martins Game of thrones making a return with its 7thn season.

This season looks promising. Finally something is about to happen. Through out the six seasons we already seen they all have something in common, the story literally stands still until the final episode of the season. Judging by the trailer this season seems to have changed that.

The earlier seasons have all had 10 episodes each. This one will only have 7. But it has its reasons. This season has longer episodes. The average playtime on earlier seasons has been around 54-56 minutes per episode, but the average in season 7 will be between 62-65 minutes. This is all because the content left in the story is apparently very little. Confusing though is that we have heard rumors earlier this year about a 8th season. Maybe just rumors? George R.R martin likes surprises.

Something is confirmed though, there will be spin-off shows based on Game of thrones. Maybe following a specific character or house? maybe based on the characters that are in the books but not in the show.

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